Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Outside photography

Indonesia, many areas that we can capture in a photograph. There on the sea and the mountains, fields and gardens that make our communication can appreciate with the camera.
Our trip also, probably the biggest inspiration for photography, it is not always possible to go. You can rely on a tight schedule of the work that is bound by social engagement or just on a tight budget. But you've got the bug! You want to shoot and more - so what? Much of what I wanted to photograph the exotic locals would not be possible. And take pictures at the local level all the time can be boring, but there are things you can do.
A time: Take advantage of the change in the weather. I've always heard people complain about the rain, but I rarely do - is the best friend of the photographer. Hidden rain brings a different color. Increasingly clear sky clouds, or so. It looks good in black and white too, and the reflective surfaces, damp buildings, cars, anything to get what to some luster. When the sun is out and is ideal for high key. Do not be afraid to shoot into the sun shots to get to bright light, that it can look very dramatic.
Select from different times: only. Taking pictures at different times of the day has a different kind of light. The sun had just set, and now you are doing night shots. Use different conditions. With artificial light, to get the exposure, the light used by the darkness and the contrast between the brightness, display lights, etc.
C. Summary: We have see our world every day, and often do not notice so much time after 100, but there are details we find that can shoot better than you - a rusty gate, peeling paint, grows worn wooden fence or moss on rocks. Some passages seem closer in their own right, as we lose our vision. There is a whole world that in miniature.

Portraits Q: It's taken a long time since my funny little portraits, and I must get over it. And her personal style can be a little "scared me, but they are an excellent opportunity for photography.
E. home schooling: "Life in a small town with no place to learn," I hear you cry, but improvised with a large piece of paper can give you a mini-studio E. (I have heard very good). Each article will be of interest -.. Experimentation is the key in this age of digital photography to run anything from film I scored a lot of worry that does not work, but then one or two very good and well worth the little effort made to achieve.
F. In general, not all shots blockbuster. Some of my favorite photos is also very common is their common that makes them take me. We live in the ordinary world, so why not celebrate?
C. Finish: Go through old records and play the use of a purchased or free software with them. Please be aware, special effects are noticeable and unattractive, and the simple effects (unless you are a magician of Photoshop) is usually most effective. Bulbs can create a special atmosphere, only black and white, the white balance or soft-focus "a bit to add. Images can be modified and incorporated into the same level, providing a better picture of the Orton effect.
Has never been a better reason for the disease, why not shoot if you wish it was. Restrictions you can follow a fun challenge.
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