Thursday, February 3, 2011

Gong xi Fat Choi for us

Even if this happy to get into the new year. Gong xi fat Choi and Chinese happy New Year is usually a fan of religion and Kong Ho Chu or ethnic Chinese in general. Lunar or Chinese New Year or Chinese New Year is the most important festival for Chinese. Chinese New Year, Guonian Chunjo or tibia known as k. Dialect word moon comes Door soybeans, which means calendar month. We celebrate Chinese New Year is celebrated usually in 1 to 15 months after the Chinese calendar. Celebration of Chinese New Year is celebrated by the farmers originally from China, after the adoption of winter welcomed the arrival of spring, which occurs every year. The event was on holidays and celebrations of the Common Agricultural Policy Chinese New Year held prayers go meh. The purpose of this event is a prayer and hope to get as many nutrients, and a meeting between family members. Lunar New Year celebration is a time for the whole family once a year. This festival is very important that every member of your family and neighbors love to laugh along with new clothes angpao rate. Angpao the volume of money in red envelopes. Angpao lunar year is often referred to as the "On Ya", that is a gift to children in connection with age. The final price is usually a snack or sometimes with food. Depending on time, filled with cash prizes angpao alternative. The tradition of giving money in red envelopes occurs around the time of the Ming and Qing dynasties.
Chinese tradition, which by law is required angpao are married, because marriage of the border between childhood and adulthood is considered, and those who are married are more stable than an income. In addition to indicating angpao children, they should also give angpao for old people.
For those who are not married, also included in the category of adults, are still entitled to angpao angpao hope people are married, a person good luck in this event should be the same.
In February 2011 this month, in some countries, the Chinese New Lunar New Year celebration in full swing. Normally they put the red lights made barongshai. In addition, the form of food called bread, pastries, and Recycle "are characteristic of this celebration
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