Friday, January 21, 2011

Technics photography on the beach

Go on the beach is a hobby for nature lovers. But if you had a holiday, and I thought it would be a good idea, thousands of fans gathered to remember how wonderful it will only be disappointed with the results? I'm sure a picture of a loved one take only a shot to make a darker color, or leave them with the hard black shadows on their faces. Do not worry, you're the worst photographer in the world this problem very often. Photos can be difficult with a lot of sunshine, especially in places like the beach heat-reflective, but not impossible. If you follow these tips, you find that your picture on the beach, almost certainly rise.
1. Get Flash! I know it sounds strange to recommend a camera flash in daylight, but it is a technique that professional photographers. This will "fill" as. Not only have all the dark shadows fill! Fill flash is really only when you close the subject, such as lightning not too far away from the firelight. So, if the law is used to fill flashes when you take a picture and a clear sky in the background, for example. Turn off the flash. The focus as usual. Take pictures as usual. Very easy. If you think this topic a bit "washed" and tried to flash down (to an external flash you have) or if not just one or two steps away from the subject and try again. Images must be with a clean slate and an open face will be replaced without a shadow of light. also ideal for use when the topic of hats, this hat covering his face with the dark shadow of Contents quit.
2. Select the time of day! Of course being the hottest day of light and matter more to the photo exhibition. Therefore, I recommend the morning and afternoon. Lights during the day a little "tense, because it is difficult to give this beautiful voice, too. Creating a sense of imagination into the picture And again,. To prevent this to some extent, this dark shadow (if you have the feeling that I do not like a shadow?).
3. Take a picture of something special! If you are on the beach temptation to shoot only take photos beach. Great fun if you want to be blocked at the end with 548 days off now! Make a photo something interesting journey. Concentrating on the subject. Do not take a picture of your child away from the game in the sand. How close to shoot them, a sand castle building, down low concentrations, making it higher? Or how about some tracks in the sand? Pencils? Cancer home record dunes? All this may sound silly movie, but if you do your own photo album for their holidays, making the story about your time there, not just a sweet old photos.
4. Build yourself a good shot! This image is also a public interest to rest, they think. picking bang in the middle of the image of all things smelly looks a bit "boring boring after a while." Okay, here's a little secret: There is no reason a good camera to make great pictures, no relation. Example Composition? Ok, to put it simply imagine, the image of the sea. Instead, throw light on the right half of the horizon, imagine the scene is divided into three equal parts. Now, place the horizon well below the third or the third row up, and suddenly all the photos more interesting. Appealing to the viewer. "
This practice of using the tips above you will see that your photography will improve a lot. But above all, enjoy the movie!....althaf
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