Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pornography Policy

We are a culture in denial. Statistics show that the porn industry is big business with a profit of U.S. defeat in 2010 of more than 12 miliar.Bagaimana, our country is Indonesia?. Despite the fact that success in almost all demographic surveys, which most people use it, and refuses to hide from their path porn evidence of use. Why the hypocrisy?
Despite the emergence of the increasingly secular culture in Western societies, the old complex of guilt and sin to have a negative effect of this. Although about 10 million women in the U.S. is routine, monthly visitors to pornographic sites to a survey 70%. Denied So despite the popularity of pornography, access to this material still a big taboo tacit.
Porn is a powerful political weapon. Like the ancient Celtic goddess Sheela-Na-Gig, as women without shame again shows her naked body in the world, but this time buried the fear of God can not the "injury" as the first stupa burial grass Sheila-Na-Gig in Ireland . Not only they can bury him, a barricade of pornography exploded in their morals and is now a powerful force in shaping our cultural expressions of sexuality.
Dissemination of pornography is a problem with religious fundamentalism interface. Recently, there is panic in Indonesia after the publication of Playboy magazine. In every respect, Playboy model and professional support good advertising. These photos of naked is usually shy and modest - far composers Hustler graphics. But the magazine about the origins of anger in Muslim countries, with some Muslim women, said a local girl, who hoped his daughter would be found for babe raped. Playboy's real objection is, of course, that there is a challenge to male power is - in particular the control of women. Men heard screaming rage Jahkarta - Reject Reject Playboy dirt can not post here !!.." use of the Indonesian nation clean
I'm not a big fan of Hugh Hefner, but I have always admired the courage to question morality back Rock Bible conservative America in 1950 and 60 This last touch is almost like a flashback, and strengthens the belief that the tensions with the fundamentalist religion of any kind of role women who are on military and economic power.
Sin has long been associated with free expression of sexuality in connection, because it threatens everything, the control of theology, helpless woman, their sexuality, to threaten treated in their own terms. There is no deeper insult than that, that's why public stoning of women and shameful part of their history. Stoning of women in countries such as Iran continues today.
Hypocrisy at the roots of sexual oppression can not be ignored. The natural expression of sexuality condemned regularly by the Ulema, natural sexuality is rampant in their churches. As we recently discovered in recent decades involved in widespread abuse of children by priests.
Porn industry is still young and raw. There are many problems to solve - especially the need for legislation on people, to protect the area and ensure that they are not exploited by unscrupulous operators. It is not possible with a full sense to bring the industry out of the shadows to give legitimacy before-up. Dirty pictures in the era of skin magazines under the mattress are long gone. Now we are becoming increasingly sophisticated with the entertainment industry, what a great commercial success has to do.
The perception is understandable porn endangered by the spread of child pornography Web sites that traffic descriptions, bestiality, rape and slavery, as scatological images and content that meets the needs of the various flavors expectations. There is a reason for concern from parents about their children, as their cameras stories about offenders to try to market the image. There are so many social and legal issues as a result of the high-profile pornography were two of our cultural life.
Although the Internet is the way to go, I believe that prevention efforts to combat illegal content must be treated sites. Softcore site that uses the model of 18 years or older, and that 18 USC 2257 Statement record to get ahead and run to give the law. Gray area arises when the hard core scenes of sexual exploitation - in the sense that women are insulted and humiliated. Types of materials that are popular with many consumers are men, but I think all the material that describes the rough with female sexuality as a lens to be more regulated. The problem is, of course, once you start down the road, which often ends with this theme can be interpreted by the sensor. Previous decisions is often very random, sometimes on personal bias.
Industry is involved in change and more women behind the scenes today. Talented photographers are the driving force behind a website in Australia called Abby Winters. He has the average Australian woman in the age group 18-25, and the State which is not a model drug users or a professional porn star. The model showed a healthy young woman who really enjoys a lively fire, a profile of what the elements of information about their activities and interests. The website celebrates healthy sexuality with the caliber of photography, and the product being offered is a rare gem in the injured Stock Sub-standard exploitation.
Like pornography, erotic as large as new talents that will be in defining a new culture of sexual ethics - what more can only hope that no error or abuse.
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