Saturday, January 8, 2011

Overcoming the red color photography

Red Eye is a major problem for amateur photographers and occurs when the built-in flash is too close to the camera. And poor design of cheap cameras, but can also occur with Flash Built with most digital SLR camera. Red eye by light from the retina to the retina is reflected.
The possibility of the formation of red eyes and destroy the high image If you are new to photography. This trick usually works is the topic to the light to see seconds before taking the picture ask. The best way to avoid this, the flash from the camera placed at an angle of 45 degrees with respect to the subject.
One of the most interesting tricks to avoid red eye is to use a double flash technique. When you are ready to take the program from the camera, give a double flash. The first flash will you shoot the eyes react by narrowing their pupil size. The second flash images that we use. Not all cameras have pre-plan for dual flash facilities, but the flash on an old camera, the same if this the right time.
Another technique is to angle the camera, not to shoot before the portrait. It should also help to avoid unwanted glare from the image. Photographers must tracing paper to diffuse the light. Tracing paper placed over the flash window. This is a method that might work, but it would be my favorite part.
Despite all the above can work well, the best way is to prevent red eyes in the photo, use flash camera or by bouncing the light from the surface to be the guiding star of the new edition.
Camera designers made significant efforts to reduce red eye, and there are many programs that claim to remove digitally. Digital photography world with access to Adobe Photoshop, can be removed red-eye in two minutes.
It will follow to remove red eye in Photoshop instructions.
1. Select the Red Eye Brush tool from the Toolbox.
2. Increase the eyes.
3. You can restore to the default colors of paint. When finished it in some form of sampling is fixed at the first shot.
4. Resize the brush tool, as shown in Figure
5. Position the cursor over the brush and red-eye pressure.
This method works by changing the color of the pixels in the region. If you do not actually do work for the first time, start the process and set the card to a higher percentage of tolerance. When the tolerance tab is set correctly all Red-Eye Removal.
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