Thursday, January 27, 2011

Magic - That's right, or just an illusion?

Away. People come into the field box and keep burning it seems that the person survived and is behind you ..... When most people ask this question, probably something in response like, "Are you crazy?" Or just a simple "No". Most people hear are one of two responses are almost 100% agreed. But that does not mean that there is no such thing as magic? It kind of depends on what your definition of magic. No, we do not play twice. We show that in addition to the "magic" that most people do not see it as magic, but as something else.

He called the science of metaphysics. Of course, it is people that science is not metaphysical to insist in his bed, but since we have no proof that God exists or not live there, must we really have no evidence that the metaphysical science is not valid or not.

For those who are not quite sure what a metaphysical science is a science that no such thing as ghosts, UFOs, etc. In other words, all we the final answer. The Magic may or may not be the metaphysical boundaries of science is known, depends on your personal beliefs. Of course, people who believe in the existence of demons and UFO, more than a coincidence to believe in the magic of those who believe only what he sees with his own eyes.

For those of us who are really on the reality, magic is a hoax. For example, pulls a rabbit out of the hat is empty by presenting a false bottom reaches of the hat. Rabbits, which are listed below under false pretenses. At least, what most people think. Others believe that the rabbit is put into effect an arm of the magician's hat or an explosion. The point is that some tricks involved in another miracle Superman on television to fire and bullets bounce off him. That's all trick photography. But there are people who actually use to believe in magic. We see the trick is so amazing that we not imagine that she is cheating. Our spirit is the only logical explanation for the interesting part of these results is that the real magic in one form or another, there must be a magician of each component is designed to stand out from the world of magic. This explains why most magicians to specialize in certain areas.

Of course, if you're a kid and went to the store to buy some magic, if you can take them home and put into practice, you can clearly see that it has the task, and that there is no magic. An example would be when the magic ring bridge has a crack that is such a connection. There is no magic, only you can view the index.

But this fact does not mean that science is not a metaphysical sense. This does not mean that a ghost or spirit does not exist. This does not mean that a being from another planet. And of course, does not mean that somewhere in this world have a person who truly magical powers. 

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