Saturday, January 1, 2011

Learn digital photography (some creative ways to stay in the new year)

After a year in New Christmas past, you can too tired to make a picture or just New Year's resolution to use expensive cameras recently. But we must continue to maintain the flow of creative photography. If you keep your images do not regularly lead to an improvement of the image, learn to be creative, or follow your dream photo. Here's how to stay creative.
1. Conventional image.
need building and a close friend, appearances on this holiday, please take a break - after taking family photos so much image. Not true! Now is not the time to stop recording, relax or put your photo on hold. Even if you have really, pardon the pun, the lighting on your hobby, you must have a minimum distance with your hobby. If you move the camera can only be taken later. So why not commit to a good photo day for the next 365 days? Take close to something every day. The reason is that it does not at least a reason. Although it was a picture of your toothbrush, that's enough. You want to keep the creative process is automatic, until you are ready to really go at it again with your image.
2. Selection of objects within 1 month
While select 30 days, the issue object or concept and shoot different every day, until you have 30 rounds. What this does is focus the mind and the process of creating a problem on the idea or object. Note that an object be in the same subject, or, but from different angles, perspective, time, lighting conditions, etc. This is not a serious challenge, and help you on your image sharp again, if there are creative ideas flowing. This is a daily challenge to make sure that happens every day do not have to play catch on the final day with 30 fans. That would the purpose of the exercise.
3. Concept Construction
Now it is allowing you a little 'more creativity in order to think properly. Happiness, power commitment, complex or vision some concepts or ideas that can be taken. Find something that symbolizes the concept or idea. For example, Penguins alone vote on the rocks may indicate independence or loneliness. You decide how much time you have to type. What do you want to get a concrete images. It will be of great help if you have it, a commercial photographer or a warehouse to . plan
Yes - we're not too old to cache. Remember the good old days when we were kids and we have to hunt down a list of items? Works the same for photography. Tune in a list of items in a group and then go out and shoot. Can be saved with a period or geographical location. You can use a combination of challenges in the past, or just a random list was drawn from a hat. The ideas are endless. The key is to go out and shoot.
These are just some creative ways to make or maintain a creative holiday. I never sit back and relax from your photo. Reduce the intensity, yes, but always have your camera to your eye and save the image.
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