Saturday, January 8, 2011

The digital photography secrets

We know what are the little secret of digital photography. These technical skills. Is that all? She said. Well, my friends, to find out what things mean something, the camera feels like you can take life, here are some easy ways for you to learn how to improve the ability of digital photography. If you start in digital photography, you have to feel in control of the digital photography and digital camera. If you know what started the camera work, you will find that you become a master controller.
Let's look at common words in the digital photography and simplification of the English language. (God knows you will always think of the number of the camera, so "What the hell does that mean?" Read it somewhere ...)
Hi I knew if I is digital photography six years ago, a lens cover, so if you do not know the basics, you should not feel bad. Therefore, I'm am here to help.
Be well before the digital photography have to understand first how the camera. Digital camera is a device that is very similar brilliant human eye. There are "close your eyes" and "student". Close your eyes blink open and closed as the shutter. Student - like a lens opens to let light into the membrane. The flash works as a flashlight. This is a direct light source to provide more light where the camera needs it. Can be used all day long.
Therefore, the analogy is set according to different meanings. Not too hard to remember these things, just remember to start the basics of how cameras work, then at some point it will become increasingly available.
Exposure: This means that a significant amount of light falling on the sensor with a digital camera. This method is the "action" read the entry level. E / V ". Re / V in a digital camera, or a shorter period for the digital photography is" rather high relative to light as e A / V indicates a greater concentration of light into the camera.
Sony on my stone ... I'm sorry to say, my old Sony Cyber-shot if I need images of sunsets more light in the image, try increasing I / take EV 2.0. If it's a sunny day as on a sunny day in summer, and I want to stop over-exposed the image and reduce the amount of light into the camera, I will "/ EV reducing to 0.3 for example.
These figures concern only in my car, so understand not worry too much about them, but the principle. EA / V is a lower number is less light. The result is less light will teach less and vice versa.
Aperture: The opening words, the actual size of the opening of the lens. This is very similar to the exposure, but compared to the size, more than anything else. Think of it as controlling access to the same amount of light into the camera sensor.
Shutter speed: This is the eye, if you want. This is a speed close my eyes open and close Flash. "Blink" fast means you go to stop time and capture fast action shots like a man without a run or a race car without a stain. So, in fact, is a measure of how long the shutter is open when a digital photo taken.
Look sometimes 1/125th or 125 for example. This means that the shutter open for 125 per second. The greater the amount of time, the higher the shutter stays open. want as digital photography to run on film, if you flee and leave the shutter open for two seconds and ten see the difference in power. Fast shutter opens, the more you take, such as car racing or fast action without blurring as a function of time.
Layer: I only know it as "pain in the ass." This delay between pressing the shutter when the camera actually took the picture. This is a problem with digital photography until last year, is reduced as the DSLR almost complete. The attraction of the higher prices have a very short delay.
Flash content: This is the savior for the photo day, when there is less light and more space for digital photos in one. Imagine a sunny day a picture of a man on the beach, the sun behind them. The digital camera is really "see" the sky is clear and reduce the heat and keep the lights on the faces of the people. To work around this, you can use flash to compensate for camera "forgets" the face of the person. It is the best since sliced bread. This is the way to the pictures of people blowing birthday candles, and get in a position to clearly see their faces.
Third rule: since I started digital photography, I thought, "Well, I can not shoot if I do not respect this principle." Well, it did not last long. Now I do not think about it. But this principle applies in photography guidelines, not legal. But if you're just starting to learn digital photography'm really helps.
It's ok about it now. Just focus on what digital photography rest will come with time and practice a lot. The best way to get good digital photography takes over your heart, just relax and clear your head and gives you the artist to the surface, then fall into althaf
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