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Definition of the Indonesian Street Photography

Artistic hobby is photography. Most species can determine our own photography. Wedding photographer took pictures of the wedding. Portrait photographer, a person to make the images. Nature photographer, covering a large area, but easy to classify.
Street Photography is difficult to determine because it can cover almost any topic. If I asked you, where can the road for a few famous photographers, select, Gary Winnograd or Riza Marlon. But if I asked you, a "street photography" - will be harder. One could say that street photography is images visible from the street. This can be a good start, but not really describe the screen.
First, street photography is not "way" is necessary. We have pictures of a stranger. In fact, not even pictures of people, although in general. While there are common themes, street photography, much about this issue because this type of photography. I can well imagine an astronaut orbiting the earth with the style of the screen.
As objects or scenes painted in the Cubist style that almost all of the subject and street style photograph. I say, almost the entire contention that the only thing that is common picture of the way to human or human objects: things made by man. So, what are the characteristics of style, you can separate the image on the subject.
The most common characteristic of the most famous street photography is the idea of capturing the "decisive moment." When the most famous street, a blurred picture of a man trying to jump the pool with Cartier-Bresson -. A little faster and you have men, I saw a big puddle. fell after a moment and this man in a puddle or a clean way or another. I do not know. But caught in the moment, but not all important.
Let images with a focal length of the modern and the second figure frozen 1/8000th filmed air and foreground and background is blurred, because the depth of field is very long with a narrow lens. Well it seems very likely if the field is released the ball game is important. Foreground and background blur. Even the closest of the pitching mound is not the focus. To be regarded as a blow to the road.
Not, why not? A decisive moment is great - but without the context - not displayed.
As we see shots of the presentation room with wide-angle lens break or normal, and you hear footsteps on the break room. You wonder what has happened, at that time to the preparation of the camera and took the pitcher winds the background, and only because he released the ball, jumped naked cars from the top of the dugout to the field. And you broke character in the air and the ball reached the plate the pitcher would last. Shot of the street. No chance. N-structures. But she was arrested twice more or less all the focus, and you can only wonder the images. The viewer is surprised as you - even if you have an idea for something to happen.
This kind of moment, or a combination of ideas, fascinated by the street photographer. If you have a lot of money, you can dream it was made, and the rental of the stadium and the team, and it has a shot exactly as described - but no picture. And as long as no one talks about the shooting were organized and planned, the road will be defeated. If everyone knew that they were deceived, you may still see a big picture - not on the street fire.
Currently, there is not enough. So play by the rules, actually planned the strike. There is also need to rotate the eye and give you make your conclusions about the importance of recording. If street photography is a form of music - jazz, maybe. Perhaps this is the Rock and Roll. The style of music would be a dimension of improvisation.
Street photography is not the same with documentary photography
If you send us an imaginary street photographer to shoot the President of the press conference, is back up with photographs of other photographers in the picture. Press photos are a dozen. Her style is all curious. You have a surprise press the shutter button. And to all array or an event. Perhaps they have found that three photographers alike, and that is enough to press the shutter release when they are set correctly.
Take the Highway Patrol is eternal. You can not leave their city, but while walking, you can see things that the world is ready. So I say again - because it is not always good Photography crucial moment.
So a street photographer who was fascinated by the various ways that people call a taxi in New York. For two years, you can call if he saw someone taxi, trying to find new perspectives and new ways to do it at the moment the most common city. to observe day year, as people take a taxi, he saw a young girl on crutches, is waiting for a taxi into force. This may be a second shot, but if it's close to take the picture, he saw an old man on crutches out of the cabin. You see the pictures I think - to see how lucky it a coincidence, but it takes years to this urge to do something to consider ideas. And other times go out and just be blessed with this kind of random images.
Another aspect that makes general street photography is different from other forms of photography was that it was not funded in general. (Done in rare cases, the photographers pocket shot, but as I said, this happens rarely.) As a nature photographer with images of some mountain, or the mating habits are possessed of several bird species, are invited to road crews configurations or an equation or a moment to profit by extraordinary maelstrom of city life.
The best way photographers can not be identified by what you shoot, but how it shoots. If their goal is to discover discoveries to find surprises, to express their curiosity about people and things that people built a good chance of a road with a photographer. The best thing is a hunter like Zen. Zen Hunter says that you can not get the unexpected. Allowed to stand for it.
Can not forced, but you can have a place where there are many people around to improve to increase your chances. Find the time is useful as a casting rod and say: "I'm starting to buy fishes." It does not work.
Street Photography is a reflection of a commercial photographer. Advertising photographer defines the products to be photographed, solid lighting, drawing the control, can it, and photograph. As a wedding photographer is different families smiling for the camera. The idea of placing the issue is anathema to street photographers.
Wedding photographer and commercial photographer for product manufacture paid. Street photographer is paid only once, if at all.
Street photographer, often as an intruder. You need to develop a similar technique Ninja, so they remain visible in the middle of busy streets. You can also camouflage. Instead of using a powerful weapons, animals from a distance, choose the unknown street photographers shooting close up. It can threaten for beginners.
Photographer I know as a tourist in New York and on the tourist map are attracted to him. It was probably at the Empire State Building and looked at him, each time the photographing of people around him. So here he is, was a native of New York for 50 years, tour-action game, I can mix with foreign people around them.
I'm sure many photographers on the dream of stealth.
Finally - there are officials who are used to the way can define photography: the decisive moment, mysteriously appears in connection with the use of overlapping elements form a new synthesis, which is unusual, but the evidence can be linked together, the desire to leave the game without interruption Sincerely, especially the will to live and communicate photographer felt the shock of turning the world of people and their creation....>>althaf
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