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Special Designs Photography

Perhaps a little description.. "Many less meninformasikan on what type of photography, but this is a list of genres, requiring special attention in the process of filming in circulation Thematic approaches will be discussed in detail, although there are fewer categories and sub-topics in photography such as advertising, corporate brochures, photo under water and so on. Perhaps a little descriptions. "Many less informasi on what type of photography, but this is a list of genres, requiring special attention in the process of filming in circulation Thematic approaches will be discussed in detail, although there are fewer categories and sub-topics in photography such as advertising, corporate brochures, photo under water and so on.

- Wild Life Photography

- Landscape Photography

- Sports events

- Photography - media

- Fashion Photography

- Black & White treatment

- Shooting Stars

-> Wild Life photo

Nature photography is often assumed a kind of high photo adventure. In fact, the very challenging nature photographers at the mercy of bad weather, sometimes even the danger. Here are some tips on a special form of photography.

Do you understand the way of life that you plan to take the form of increased quality of life, habits and behavior. In other words, you have a look at the "Day in the Life" theme of wildlife. Book online research light will illuminate the subject. Do you know the importance of animal behavior is far more important when the animals of the jungle dangerous that attack like lions or tigers or even bears can can shoot. The animals are known to participate in the vicinity of their habitats, but usually not attack if you keep the distance. But you have to turn away when the animal begins to feel threatened by your presence and decides to attack you.

Obviously no one can expect, good cooperation with the theme! You have to adapt, in the perspective and set your camera ready and then wait for the right time "to throw the mirror.

It may take several days before they can get the shot right. Subject does not matter whether the light is reduced or the light is good. You can perfect light conditions on a given day, but have the case not to photograph in the right place for you.

You need telephoto lenses from the camera functions as other distance measuring device to shoot center. Center-Weighted Meter, you can solve the problem of wildlife in the middle frame measure the size of the coverage on the size and distance to change the subject.

-> Landscape Photography

Take pictures of the landscape constructed in the city or on the beach is a kind of landscape photography. But if you want to get close to nature and shoot unique pictures of nature and environment in remote locations like wild forest area or in the mountains, you have the right job for you, as a photographer of nature. You need a spirit of adventure as you walk around and explore its different locations in different regions the opportunity to see.

Difficult to detect, in the first place, you need the day before you explore your ideal panoramic landscape to shoot found. It is therefore necessary to wait for the right lighting conditions, while challenging times and hard life. In terms of equipment, landscape photographers wide angle lens, the number of this type of lens is capable of lending depth in the picture. Wide-angle zoom is to give this kind of photography for a wide range of focal lengths can, while the fine tuning of shots. But there is also need for a telephoto lens to shoot, but not the long focal length of sports photographer is obligatory. Landscape photographers usually go for telephoto lenses with focal lengths of less than 300 mm (telephoto lens has a focal length of more than 50 mm wide-angle lenses less than 50mm, and a normal lens with a focal length of 50 mm).

- Sports Events>

Anyone who has a career shooting sports have to capture a different kind of operating high-action dramatic moment in the game. The length of the lens to photograph the location of the photographer, to limit the escape are the three most important aspects of sports photography.

Sports photographers use a telephoto lens. Theme Zoom lens type. Select focal length telephoto lenses varies from 60 mm to 1000 mm. Lens with high focal length can offer a larger screen is a necessity when you photograph field events. Sports photographers usually prefer to use focal lengths of 35 mm and 300-600mm especially for events such as the football field.

Where many photographers in the images could be directly responsible for the acquisition of highly relevant points game. It also helps if you have a good knowledge of the sport. This ensures that the correct time and alert and ready to see if the situation occurs when you try to sports. You can use the image on the right, if you can go and use the correct place at different times in the game. But very often movement photographers the best way to solve the problem limits the use of a 600 mm focal length of the lens in photographs from the area or industry is to enable. Despite the good location is usually by the angle and distance of the court or field, other aspects of the described good location is also a play of light on your perspective. Most photographers have the task of avoiding shadows caused by light quality. Color intensity image is compared with low sun exposure can reduce shadows to create specific angles.

To reduce emissions and capture moments of action in a particular game, you have the desired shutter speed. 35 mm camera, which can be general sports photography for a major high shutter supply picture. Besides shutter speed, film speed also plays a role. High-speed film enables higher shutter speeds. Film Speed 100 is not enough for sports photography. They have 400 and more speed film.

Autofocus mechanism is also useful for sports photography especially when manual focus is difficult to achieve quickly in certain situations in sports.

An interesting technique called panning is used to capture images in action. should avoid holding the camera steady when shooting action. Rules of thumb is to keep the camera steady but move with the action and not try to be quiet. Movement along a path of movement of the camera played quiet and has the effect of reducing blur. On the other hand, you will get blurred if the camera still while the action is happening instead. This technique is actually based on scientific principles is strong.

One should also bear in mind that sports art photography is really beyond the collection action or highlights game. Readers who see the images in newspapers and magazines that the expression seen on the players, emotions, disappointments, the concentration that the players are something that readers find most interesting talk shows point. Readers also see the reactions of the audience and the responses of family members of players in certain situations a crucial game. To meet the public opinion, a photographer also try to the most moving moments during the game comments capture facial expressions.

-> Photography, Journalism

Photojournalism is a completely different game. This is a visual story. These social and cultural context of the strong is a form of visual coverage newsy current topic. Be in the right place at the right time and understanding of the situation as it helps the reader to the paper produced material interest. The goal is to current issues in general describe a visual history that an understanding of patterns, in which people live their lives or social changes, it creates take in different areas of life. Photojournalism is also the credibility and the written word can be in the public interest story with visual proof to support. Visual complete article was written about the history.

Visual representation of contemporary situations is a powerful way to change the color and photo-journalism photographer, who was the first to understand the social and political arena of a country and culture to images that are relevant will be taken. The equipment required by photojournalists varies depending on the type of story they pursue. If a photographer to take pictures, the city or the image is a type of cultural and historical attractions, describes, or if the mission is the campaign with a political leader who pursue each different treatment.

-> Picture Style

Fashion photographer need to use a creative mind with a good eye for the aesthetics of the ability to make good decisions in the use of off-the-box ideas. Fashion is for the effect of the elegant style of the national player of the shots, the mill will not work to give run. Each image is a work of art itself must be original.

Have an impact on fashion photography requires the photographer is a quantum leap thinking and imagination to create to make pictures of different and unusual. The treatments for a number of years surreal muted geometric shapes in black and white in bright colors tested. Fashion product should be interpreted creatively at the same time convey the style and elegance. Fashion photographer need a high level of visual sophistication with the skills and suicide combined. It helps to communicate the mental model fashion photographer regularly to get the best out of them understand. The selection of cameras and accessories vary on whether you shoot in low light or outside of the house designs, images, etc. depending

-> Black and White Medical

Effect of black and white are used by fashion photographers to create images of abstract class or "Another World". Equipment needed in black and white photography is not very different from other types of photography, but the key lies in print quality workmanship. achieve this is an important area to the image black and white for the effect you want to highlight.

You need a wide range of lenses for different situations - such as a combination of wide-angle lens, standard lens. If you want large prints, you may need a camera with high resolution image sensor for sharpness of large format digital printing. The decision must be more than 3 megapixels.

You develop your photos in the darkroom (traditional camera film) or digital image processing (with a digital camera) when you develop your image with the ability to increase or decrease the contrast of image-based Trip type impression and visual impact is hoped to . create You can also scan your negatives traditionally attracted computer processing and digital images.

To improve your digital images require a basic knowledge of Photoshop software. Without manipulating the main picture in any way to improve your image in black and white fine-tune the contrast. Photoshop, you can optimize the image. The same principles with traditional darkroom. With Photoshop you can save different techniques such as avoidance (you selectively clear a certain part of the image), cropping, optimizing density and fine-tune the contrast. The fine-tuning the contrasts is important to create the right effect in black and white.

The print quality is an important factor in creating stunning images in black and white. When you print digital photo printing, you need a good printer ink printer and durable. You must also use good quality photo paper for printing photos.

-> Celebrity Shoot

Celebrity photography is a challenge of the time of the medium, exciting and glamorous. If you deal with celebrities, firstly you have to work some time to be on the inside. Always the time constraint even after setting celebrity photo session. So you have a good infrastructure and are ready with the necessary equipment. Need to shoot a machine to the image before you adjust the rest of your glory.

Celebrity faces are well known, so the key is to try something different to capture, to create a different perspective. You need to build a good relationship with celebrities must endure to achieve the right atmosphere to capture the true essence of man. If you are photographing celebrities for ads, so should the strategy behind the ad, a mixture words, celebrities and attitudes that your ads must be considered.

To sum up the debate - nature photography requires you to brave rough conditions and thoroughly understand the environment and animal behavior. The tools are relevant and useful for your camera system is weighted to the center-right lens when photographing animals. Landscape photography requires you to Explorer move, always looking for a setting of breathtaking beauty. They need, above all wide-angle lens on your camera to illustrate the depth and size of images. Sports events have a good view if you want to stop the high-action game, you must learn to hone your skills panning. Photojournalism calls for social and political awareness, and visual art history fashion photography requires continuous suicidal thoughts and thinking may be outside the box. The effect of treatment in black and white during the treatment period with different techniques and celebrity photography is increased are not all glamorous . Capture the the mood and the essence of celebrity is the key to a good spot, and often work within time.
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