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Sensuality Vs Sexuality in Photography

Old adage that a picture is worth a thousand words. If yes, complete the image of belly dance volumes on the disk. Each generation saw a dance that represents the mood and themes of their times. The image can tell us much about our history shows us how far we got and how far we still have to go. In both cases, women have the potential to cause a stir when posing for pictures coming.

If you see Mata Hari was a woman ahead of time, but also the prize for courage and eccentric actions. We are still paying the price it is today? If Mata Hari knew that death was his life as before? Not all of these days we should be the way we present ourselves, if we know the bottom line cost? These questions prompted me look at our pictures and dance photography society as we are affected by our standards.

For what we have pictures? Empowerment is thought photo or a time when we allow ourselves to be a sensual woman? The image can arouse feelings of many people. The big question is, what responsibility we have represented to the company to an image is acceptable and honorable. Belly dance costumes have become a symbol of the whole story, he describes the key or the key. Let's look at Salome, for example. The possibility that it "belly dance" was thin due to polite dance day when he was in the film would hurt his chances of playing married. But history tells that he was asked, cut belly dance, John the Baptist his head. Belly dance in history, would be if his Salome dance style is more acrobatic prop. The point is that many artists throughout history famous painted Salome the dance scene, which ultimately made him a symbol of seduction. For example, a drawing or photograph can be a powerful influence on public awareness. In addition, lead is a contradiction of our image. How can we distinguish the form of our heritage is contaminated?

Cleopatra meet all the elements that most women grow out of reach. His name alone can the imagination. This is not the same reaction, we want people when they see pictures of us? If you see on websites and magazines to see some photos of various dancers finds sensual. Dancers can lead to many messages with a position that the audience that the message could convey believe not only sexual, but sensual. So the image is used for a specific audience as possible. What if our message on the screen the spirit and see the end result is sensual but not sexual? As cross sensuality and sexuality? The definition of sensuality are: the ability to enjoy the pleasure of the senses. The definition of sexuality, the sexual situation.
So what if they enjoy together what he wanted, combined that our sexual preferences are saying. Is this a bad thing? Cleopatra realized the impact of gender and women of the ruler who was using it for themselves. Our time, we do not do it, but otherwise?

Isadora Duncan wrote:

"People are not only morally very tempted, because they live in a vegetative state, or that their objectives are as to the direction that there is no time to look around them focused."

Isadora Duncan was also the first time because it has many links, is a benefit, not drunk his last years. One thing I noticed about Isadora Duncan, was that his private life, never in the picture and a true artist came to the end (as tragic as this one.) So in the case of Isadora Duncan, the message has never really been like Cleopatra. The difference is that using other people's sexuality and sensuality in use. Call In both cases, the image of women in both paintings and photographs of the pictures, the girls from all over the world to try to imitate them. So, what I said is that that we want some "when we do our best photographic images.

Our personal photo image is an important part in the sale of our ability to dance for the masses. How do we choose to order a DVD if you do not know the teacher? The front cover says a lot about his skills as a dancer and teacher. So if I order with my photographer on my first DVD, we decided to dance with me use an image with a color format that attracts the eye. Art behind an image is important to select an image to our target market have an impact. So in the end we were both dancing and we sell our images. Both have the masses we are able to draw.

Joseph Jaworski said:

"We do not describe the world we see, but we see the world they describe."

To what extent can belly dancers to promote the image and makes it acceptable not only for our community, but to the world? If too much sex is shown in the figure, if you are interested in our company, see the dancers? The reason I ask is that it might pose too many sarcastic. Look attractive, something that never crossed the minds suggest dancers.

Each can represent images, and what they want.

So, what is a dancer, said the image is very powerful and can affect many people.

Quote from William Shakespeare also said:

"There's languages on the cheeks, eyes, lips,

In fact speaks walk, the spirit of cheeky look out

Community-all of why the body. "

Community can be a double standard for everything they do. It is our image as a dancer in the light of these double standards, not only of society but in our society? are between 1960 and 1970 LP cover very provocative, especially in the form of raises a lot of belly dancers. Some costumes were isolated hip shows only the skin and see through skirt, and there is also a dancer without a skirt at all. We do not live like this today, and costume designers, today and who she sees. This is proof that the sense of fashion has changed over the years, but what our attitude towards the provocative journeys skin? A woman a very special kind of dance I thought it was important to the old-fashioned image that we have changed the course of history. This genealogy photos "us" and show the world what and who we are. Perhaps because of problems with self-image Playboy was to say we want ". We are different" We must not take our clothes we image for a sensual and sexual woman. On the other hand, I love the pictures show the parts of the legs, shoulders and back.

As Mae West once said:

"I speak two languages, Body English."

So maybe subconsciously we took all our problems as a woman and found the perfect outcome, our feelings and thoughts about the world to express ourselves. Dance is expressed through the body showed Songs without words, are only equipped with a passionate emotional excitement.

Photographs capture emotions through movement and freedom to travel, attitudes, and to be immortal and how he made the sign of "we" in the world.

Agnes DeMille:

"Dance has come to you, bigger, better, stronger. This power, that respect the Earth and that you are ."..
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