Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Photography - Art or not?

Photography is used to preserve memory or favorite things about the special moments to tell stories, to capture and send messages, and as a source of entertainment. It was both an art and a science called. This kind of art is not like the painting. A career in photography is often chosen because of the nature of life and find creative. Photography is probably the most influential medium in modern times. How can we Photography
Glamour photography in advertising in magazines popular with men. Street photography is a form of documentary photography, which usually have honest people in situations in public places like streets, parks, beaches, shopping centers, political art, and other settings. E 'is unique about photography is that you stop, it forces you to think. Food photography is like life, the photography, but requires special skills. Nature photography is a valuable experience for photographers and for people who can see the results. Aerial photography will gather today as a source of information, including the location of roads, rivers, lakes, and the types of agricultural buildings. Of the various types of photography that are recognized today, sports photography is more popular, perhaps connected to the thrills and excitement with him. For many people a dream wedding photos paid to a party and go shoot.
All photographers who competes with a large pool of others at all levels of competence. As a photographer, you learn to fly above all the other turkeys out there. Photographer's task is to use all the skills and techniques to bring meaningful picture.
Photo tool for changing all the time, and this effect can change what we're doing a movie. The new vision of photography is due to technological changes. But for me photography is not about the tool: Treat others with your own worldview. I personally think that photography is a different form, like painting and I assess whether the expression of the talks "Believe me ....  by althaf.
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