Monday, December 27, 2010

Photographic techniques in the case of digital images

In reality, what is important in the techniques of digital photography? "There are some things essential in the production of a photo is a measure of several variables on the camera, the photo on the production line with expectations, as part of the disclosure. Basic Digital Photography Technique: Shutter
Indonesian fast shutter speed or by Rana called closure relation to photography is the tent that covered the exposure before the camera or sensor on the surface of the film or sensor. Images. When you open the curtain will cover
Originally closure of metal, but most modern cameras with faster shutter speeds to a plan. Upholstery fabric has a force of about 50,000 to 200,000 times opening and closing (line display). Upholstery fabric is worn or damaged easily after sales service center camera, the terms are changed. Reduce the weight of the camera and
The open length of the tent is determined by the camera shutter.
Digital photography allows us to understand the world of photography, film, can be examined through the LCD display so you can evaluate the shot, because technical details about the routes that were seen and recorded, in contrast to traditional photography, where we print them first to see what jeperetan study evaluated and the results, technical data, we must also register, it takes a lot of unnecessary costs and time lost may be to improve our ability photo
Digital photography art as painting with light can be described, in this case, the camera and lens, which replaces the role of brush and color. There are two things that the main object of the camera and lens, shutter speed and aperture
Shutter lag is the time for the lighting of the ATO CCD CMOS sensors for digital cameras and traditional film cameras. These figures Kemer 250,125,60,30,15 Ass This means that the exposure time 1 / 250 sec, 1 / 125 sec, 1 / 60 seconds, and so on.
The largest number of means to spend fast time, this will be the effect of silence (freezing) to create, for example, we photographed the object moves, such as cars, with the effects of silence, we should press, at least more than 1 / 125 sec
However, if you want to photograph the object with motion effects, you need shutter speed of less than 1 / 125 second, to the direction of motion of the object, this technique called panning,
Both hanging above the speed of the moving object, the object moves faster, it means that over the shutter speed to move more or to observe the desired effect, that the lower the shutter key allows the movement of the camera, which is put on the swings have is not to be sharp
To be safe, use a shutter speed of 30 or 1 / 30 seconds if you use a shutter speed a few seconds for example 1 / 15, 1 / 8 second ATO YG do less, you need a buffer ATO use a tripod.
Maybe it's just simple tricks. Please continue to practice alone .... Wish you much success. by Althaf.
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