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Name of other types of photography?

Name of other types of photography?
As mentioned above, there are many options open for a professional photographer. Photography business actually done a few companies. Photography company has many faces in the form of advertising promotion, public relations, for historical brochure for the home. Some companies can work with photographers in the same company for years. Closed special events in the history of the company, and in some cases an important aspect of industrial history. History of the Steamships History of the Steamships have to move from their farmlands to the industrial revolution, all caught on film.
Not only the industry's history, but history has been captured on film. War photographers usually begins the story of the photographer.
In 1940, Ansel Adams is perhaps the most famous American photographer. He captured images of the forced exile of Japanese Americans, Manzanar War Relocation Center in California. These prints record history in another way, such as photography division of the Library of Congress digital scans show of his negatives and prints, there are students to learn techniques of darkness.
Art photography is the art of the specific measures that are a unique challenge to both technical skills to take pictures of animals and activities to capture your images requires knowledge represented. Time to feel very important and has the ability to focus in advance. Some types of photography has peak times, such hours "as before sunset, the leading action photo milliseconds! The sense of time is to develop, knowing when to be there because you milliseconds before shooting time to take a real camera . It is clear that the knowledge of these activities very useful to help you before the second peak to stay. But this is a very specific aspect of photography, technique can be improved. his photo sport is easier to wildlife, or news move, which predicted the increase. Common sense is important your very position, you make an interesting background, as well as a place where the use of ambient light have, it's good to be kept in a safe place. Pulitzer Prize for photography are not at People used to when they die. Often, these skills can be refined and amateur sporting events, where it is not necessary to go to press.
A different kind of photography specialist, underwater photography, because you also need a certified diver because of the particular equipment. E 'can shoot under water to reach with a normal camera, but amphibious cameras, better results, unfortunately, are expensive to learn a lot about the possibility of costly repairs. Since this action photography is best left to experts, it was not an option if you work in this medium for most of the time. The sea can be dangerous in half the work, and a sophisticated night so that you have the pictures, this discussion is all your diving skills and your technical skills.
Scientific photographers take pictures to illustrate various themes or record scientific or medical data using scientific knowledge of the procedures. They usually have more knowledge in areas such as engineering, medicine, biology or chemistry. Often a picture of this record, a scientific career is included.
Photo Content Delivery responsible for a specific task, often with limited use. This includes wedding photography photo portraits. Portrait photographers often have their own studies of how customers come to them, a formal portrait to be taken. Digital SLRs often better to do the type of work, because there are more opportunities, "the actual working time," there is no reason to wait for negatives to see print until you have a shadow face with a hat to be created. You can also modify, by pixel camera, ie small time gaps be camouflaged. Slowly, the camera will never be quite right, but especially in today's world. Portrait photographer has the opportunity to go on missions, and covers events such as marriage and baptism.
Photojournalism photography industry as a whole is a violation of various events, but in general, local newspaper for local events, such as school, etc. International freelancers often cover specific areas such as photography plays war. Press photographers usually under the heading of "journalism" that in order to collect, edit and present news material, but they use images to tell a story marked newsworthy.
There is documentary photography, street photography and photography of celebrities to distinguish because they do not have time to tell a story in chronological order. Another story entirely the story almost always accompanied the work. Who is from this type of role is not at the level of objectivity and creativity, since the image recording real events in real time. For this reason, but in theory as a wedding photographer with real-time event for publication.
Another aspect of photography is a "celebrity" and the photographer "of society." Both can be observed, even if the person being photographed fall into two categories. Photographers can also press photographer community. Society photographer in Europe at least, almost always the same way, in part because of the "reproduction" to cover the event and can be Wimbledon, or the Melbourne Cup, or even increasing, the gala. E 'means that the photographer permission to take photos. This is very different from the desire by the use of common measures of famous photographers, while at the same time maintain an insatiable desire of the public to see the pictures. Celebrity Paparazzi often than today, after the famous Italian photographer for his willingness to celebrities known way to publish photos taken when he is not sure. (Old)
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