Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Imagination is the art of photography

Photography is an art, the image of history that speaks and makes an impression on the minds of spectators and the viewers to change. Photography is not expensive cameras and high-tech gadgets, but it is fantasy. A good photographer is a good student, and continue to learn with each photo shoot. Create stories, images and voices of the void is the result of professional photography and working hard, being a good student can achieve this goal.

Most people think photography should be done to his taste. But to think a very strange way, because it can not happen without the passion in this world, not to mention the art of photography.

However, the basic requirements of a good photography camera time, things from different angles can be seen, and organize your photos. The camera does not just megapixels. This means many other things.

Amateurs and professionals: Photo can be divided into two categories. Professional cameras can be used in amateur photography, but it will be expensive. However, the camera is not amateur and professional photography can be used. Amateur Photography photo is usually referred to simply point recreation camera shoots. Camera, as the name suggests, aims, and select Save. But for professional photography with digital SLR (DSLR), which contains the settings manually control the environment and image or scene to achieve the best results.

Dimensions together play an important role in the camera. Camera body is obsolete with time, but always have new lenses can be removed, be connected in any quantity. Depending on the type of photography, choose a random target selection does not yield good results.

Professional photography can be done more accurately and with as aerial photography, underwater photography and nature photography. Recently, photographic portraits were also popular. Professional photography takes time because it is not a simple task to make the most of a scene. Reshoot the same position at different intervals and the time to find the best pictures. But when you start to learn DSRLs cameras, photography was a hobby. Any type of photography has its own interests and style.

By the way, always looking for innovative and look forward to every fantasy photography, because there is no limit to human imagination.
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